Date: 11th February 2022

Brest, France: The High Seas Alliance strongly welcomed the news this morning of a high-level commitment by 14 Heads of State, and all 27 members of the European Union, to achieve a strong and robust UN Treaty to protect the biodiversity of the High Seas in 2022.

This is a timely and important commitment to protect our global commons and we look forward to seeing this demonstration of political will carried forward inside the negotiations in March, during the fourth round of Treaty negotiations.

said Peggy Kalas of the High Seas Alliance said

The Treaty under negotiation is to protect the biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction, beyond the EEZ of all States and commonly referred to as the High Seas. The fourth and final scheduled negotiation has been delayed by covid but is now running from the 7th to 18th March in the UN Headquarters in New York.

The High Ambition Coalition for the High Seas is a positive step in the right direction. But we need the ambition showcased at the One Ocean Summit to translate into concrete action and a new treaty that will provide comprehensive protections to high seas marine life.

Liz Karan, project director, Pew Charitable Trusts.
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