The High Seas Alliance is a powerful force for ocean conservation, uniting organizations around the globe to protect this vital part of our planet.

While we don’t currently have any vacancies, we invite you to get involved! Follow us on social media for updates, educational content, and inspiring stories about the High Seas.

Here’s how you can champion the High Seas:

  • Deepen your knowledge: Explore our website to understand the threats facing the high seas and the ongoing fight for its protection.
  • Track progress: Follow our ratification tracker to see how close we are to safeguarding biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction.
  • Take action: Get involved in our advocacy efforts and raise your voice for the High Seas.

By following these steps, you’ll be actively contributing to creating a wave of change for a healthy ocean future.

Please keep an eye on our careers page for exciting opportunities to join the High Seas Alliance team and directly contribute to protecting the ocean we need – securing the future we want.