High Seas Treaty

One Ocean – One Planet – One Treaty

The High Seas Alliance (HSA) sometimes uses the term “High Seas Treaty“ as a short-hand for the BBNJ Agreement. HSA acknowledges that the scope of the BBNJ Agreement encompasses all Areas beyond national jurisdiction, including the seafloor and water column. This choice of wording is intended to ease understanding for broad audiences and does not convey a prioritization among the components or principles of the BBNJ Agreement.

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Take Action

Urge governments to sign and ratify the High Seas Treaty as soon as possible so that it enters into force swiftly. Follow progress on the Ratification Tracker.

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Discover a few of the incredible biodiversity hotspots that could become High Seas marine protected areas under the new High Seas Treaty.

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Expand your knowledge and understanding of what needs to happen to transform the High Seas Treaty into action on the water.


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The Race for Ratification is on!

The new High Seas Treaty will safeguard life in the entire ocean beyond countries’ national jurisdictions. It is the global opportunity to finally address the many governance gaps that have plagued the ocean and left it vulnerable to overexploitation for decades.

Governments formally adopted the High Seas Treaty in June. But for it to become law, it must be ratified by at least 60 countries. We need that to happen fast so that we can ramp up international action to protect our shared ocean, mitigate climate breakdown and safeguard the lives and livelihoods of billions of people worldwide.

It has taken almost two decades to get this far. A critical tool to address our planetary emergency is within our grasp.

Ask governments to Ratify the High Seas Treaty Now!

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About the High Seas Alliance

Since its founding in 2011, the High Seas Alliance with its 50+ non-governmental members and the International Union for Conservation of Nature, has been working towards protecting the 50% of the planet that is the High Seas; the global ocean beyond national jurisdiction. This area includes some of the most biologically important, least protected, and most critically threatened ecosystems in the world.

High Seas Alliance members work together to inspire, inform and engage the public, decision-makers and experts to support and strengthen High Seas governance and conservation, as well as cooperating towards the establishment of High Seas marine protected areas.