Frequently Asked Questions About the Conclusion of BBNJ Agreement and Next Steps

During the BBNJ IGC-5 resumed session in March 2023, the High Seas Treaty Agreement was finalized but not adopted, pending a review to ensure uniform usage of terminology and translation to the six official UN languages.

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The High Seas Treaty Agreement will be formally adopted by UN member states  in New York on June 19, 2023.

  • What is to happen on June 19 and 20?
  • Can the BBNJ Agreement be adopted with a vote?
  • Does BBNJ need a Final Act?
  • Does BBNJ need a Preparatory Commission?
  • What could a PrepCom’s functions be for the BBNJ Agreement?
  • How could a PrepCom be established?
  • What happens with signatures and ratification of BBNJ?