Frequently Asked Questions About the Conclusion of BBNJ Agreement and Next Steps

During the BBNJ IGC-5 resumed session in March 2023, the High Seas Treaty Agreement was finalized but not adopted, pending a review to ensure uniform usage of terminology and translation to the six official UN languages.

The High Seas Treaty Agreement will be formally adopted by UN member states  in New York on June 19, 2023.

  • What is to happen on June 19 and 20?
  • Can the BBNJ Agreement be adopted with a vote?
  • Does BBNJ need a Final Act?
  • Does BBNJ need a Preparatory Commission?
  • What could a PrepCom’s functions be for the BBNJ Agreement?
  • How could a PrepCom be established?
  • What happens with signatures and ratification of BBNJ?