Join us live during the High Seas Google Hangout: Championing the High Seas

Date: 5th November 2014

High Seas Alliance members will be participating in a number of activities during the World Parks Congress (WPC) taking place in Sydney Australia from 12-19 November.  This landmark global forum meets once every decade and sets the agenda on protected areas — for both land and sea — for the next decade.

One of these events is a high seas themed Google Hangout, which will allow live participation from anyone around the world via your computer.  This interactive session entitled “Championing the High Seas” will take place in Sydney on Nov. 15 from 10:30 -11:15 am (see below for corresponding times around the globe) and feature on-camera interviews by Andrew Kornblatt with:

  • Sir Richard Branson, Ocean Elder and Virgin Unite
  • Dr. Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence
  • Dan Laffoley, Marine Vice Chair of the World Commission on Protected Areas, and  IUCN Global Marine and Polar Programme
  • John Weller, Photographer and author
  • Nainoa Thompson, Ocean Elder and President of Polynesian Voyaging Society
  • Ambassador Eden Charles , Trinidad & Tobago and facilitator of UN Oceans Consultations

Each of these participants will discuss aspects of their work as it relates to the high seas, what they have observed, why urgent action is called for, and what next needs to be done.  As participants in the Hangout, you will also have an opportunity to interact live with our guests, and ask your own questions.

To participate in the Google Hangout, click this link and sign up:

We hope you join us in Sydney, follow us on twitter during WPC @highseasallianc, and please include #waveofchange and #WPCMarine in your tweets!

Google Hangout times in your area:

New York                                 Friday             Nov. 14      6:30 pm

San Francisco                           Friday             Nov. 14      3:30 pm

London                                    Friday             Nov. 14    11:30 pm

Amsterdam                              Saturday         Nov. 15     12:30 am

Johannesburg                          Saturday          Nov. 15       1:30 am

Beijing                                     Saturday          Nov. 15       7:30 am

New Delhi                                Saturday          Nov. 15       4:30 am

Cover photo by yaswanth ram on Unsplash

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