Global Ocean Commission Releases a Report

Date: 24th June 2014

The Global Ocean Commission, made up of former Heads of State, Government ministers and prominent business leaders, has spent 18 months investigating the decline of the global ocean and has developed a rescue package of eight proposals to restore and protect its natural capital and services. The proposals are the culmination of exhaustive deliberations and extensive consultation with experts and stakeholders to inform and shape these proposals.

The High Seas Alliance applauds the release of its recommendations including those to strengthen high seas governance:

  • A new global agreement on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in international waters;
  • All countries to adhere to ‘the constitution of the ocean’ (UNCLOS) and other relevant international agreements, and to apply them;
  • The appointment, by the UN Secretary-General, of a high level UN Special Representative for the Ocean, to coordinate all areas related to the ocean and the law of the sea, and provide the leadership needed for action;
  • Regular independent reviews of regional fisheries management organisations (RFMOs) to make them accountable for their environmental performance;
  • Regional ocean management organisations (ROMOs) to be created – or formed by adapting existing organisations – that are responsible for the preservation and productivity of the entire ecosystem, rather than only fish resources or specific species;
  • Ocean envoys or ministers to be appointed at country level, to create stronger coordination between ministries responsible for fishing, environment, climate, development, mining and other ocean-related issues.

Cover photo by Thanti Nguyen on Unsplash

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