PrepCom3 High Seas Alliance Side Event

On March 28th the High Seas Alliance, Greenpeace and the NRDC held a side event for government representatives entitled “Marine Reserves in the Era of Climate Change.” This well-attended event provided up to date scientific and other information about the important role played by area based management tools (ABMTs), in particular marine reserves, in mitigating the effects of climate change.

The side event was moderated by Lisa Speer, Director of International Oceans Program at NRDC and showcased expert panelists Estrella V Tulay, Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries, Dr. Doug McCauley, University of California Santa Barbara, and Dr. Veronica Frank, policy advisor for Greenpeace International.

Download the presentations:
Estrella V Tulay – The importance of high seas MPAs in the regional context
Dr. Doug McCauley – The value of marine reserves in an era of climate change
Dr. Veronica Frank – Reserves as a cornerstone for an implementing agreement