Our Mission

Our mission is to conserve the world’s high seas — which cover half of our planet.


  • To build a strong common voice and constituency for high seas conservation.
  • To promote and catalyse the protection, conservation and restoration of marine ecosystems and biodiversity.
  • To promote and catalyse the building of a comprehensive, representative and effective system of marine protected areas (MPAs), including no-take reserves.
  • To catalyse and monitor the effective implementation of existing and emerging ocean conservation obligations and rules.
  • To promote and monitor effective governance, management and enforcement systems that support and ensure conservation, sustainability of use and equitable benefit sharing for all high seas marine resources and species, including fisheries.

HSA members are committed to working together to inspire, inform and engage the public, decision makers and experts in support of high seas conservation, and to working through relevant intergovernmental processes and organizations to ensure that meaningful action is taken to achieve these common goals.

For more information about these goals, read the High Seas Alliance Charter.