The Treaty Tracker went live last week, and as with any endeavour, there is a learning curve.

Our process involves using a primary and secondary note taker, a synthesizer and then a builder and reviewer to try to bring you the most accurate summary of key points being made.  In addition, we always link to the UN Webcast Archive of the intervention so that you can cross check the statement, and also link to the PAPERSMART copy of the statement if one has been filed.

We recognize that even with the best checks it will not be perfect. For this reason, we are very happy to make changes or corrections if requested — indeed, we encourage it. We are taking on board adaptations and tweaks every day, and now building a glossary of terms that will appear in the next week.

We expect the tracker will evolve in future IGC meetings (i.e. during detailed text negotiations, we do not envision tracking content), but our aim will always be to support meaningful engagement as well as provide our own analysis and commentary.  For example, we are only providing summaries on statements that are presently made public via the archived UN Webcast, and we will have to see how the next IGC meetings are organized as to how the tracker will evolve.

Many thanks to all the notetakers, builders, reviewers and synthesizers who take this on board in addition to their other duties in the room.