The day was a rapid-fire discussion on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), starting with a discussion on what EIAs need to include.

The High Seas Alliance (HSA) suggested a single paragraph to replace the 32 options contained in the Aid, in the interests of brevity, as well as the inclusion of a worst-case scenario and no action alternatives.

There was a clear indication that option II on content, will be the way forward with high convergence.

On process, the Facilitator concluded that option III was the most popular in the room and that States should prepare to work on this at IGC3.

Option III contains a long list of processes and the HSA made an intervention emphasising the need to have a standard for decision making and further suggested that this standard be significant adverse effects on the marine environment. The Alliance also suggested a new provision on emergency measures.

There was lively discussion on how extensive the text should be on monitoring and UN compliance. HSA suggested using the term implementation rather than compliance, being more of a carrot than a stick. The Alliance emphasised that the Clearing-house Mechanism should be transparent and talked about steps to be taken when adverse impacts are found, recommending some text to the meeting.

The meeting repeatedly wished Mehdi Remaoun a happy birthday.