ABMT intervention

Pew on behalf of the High Seas Alliance

Measures Such as Area Based Management Tools including Marine Protected Areas

Intervention Day 5


IGC2 29 March 2019

Agenda Item 6

4.2 Relationship to measures under relevant instruments, frameworks, and bodies


Thank you Madame President. The Pew Charitable Trusts delivers these remarks on behalf of the High Seas Alliance.

Regarding the Relationship to measures under relevant instruments, frameworks, and bodies in para 1 we agree with States that have noted there is similar language throughout the text and that this should be covered in one place and applicable to the entire agreement. And we support the European Union’s suggestion here on language to promote cooperation, coordination and coherence amongst these existing bodies.

On the issue of promoting coherence and complementarity with regard to ABMTs, including marine protected areas, the High Seas Alliance support Option I. And in para 2, we support Monaco’s proposal that Option A and B can be merged. We feel strongly the agreement should go beyond just the recognition of MPAs in ABNJ. However the establishment of an effective global network of MPAs will be benefited by a coherent and complementary approach to the implementation, enforcement and monitoring review.

In para 3, we support the PSIDs preference for Option B, for similar reasons articulated by the Federated States of Micronesia. In para 4, we agree with Option B.

Regarding the next section, the High Seas Alliance strongly supports the need to enhance cooperation and coordination among existing frameworks and bodies as indicated in para 1. But further consideration is needed as to how this is best served. While additional external coordination mechanisms may be feasible in some regions, we envision that the CoP via the consultation processes for the establishment of MPAs can serve to facilitate cooperation between the instrument and sectoral bodies.

On compatibility, we support the statements by the PSIDs and Palau that the new agreement should not undermine the effectiveness of conservation measures taken within national jurisdictions.

Thank you Madam Facilitator.