By Greenpeace International –

The Global Ocean Treaty under negotiation provides a unique opportunity to turn the tide for our ocean by enabling the creation of a global network of fully protected ocean sanctuaries the world so urgently needs.

The UN Biodiversity Report made it clear that we are in the middle of a climate and biodiversity emergency – this should be an urgent call to action that is not quite yet reflected in the pace and level of collective ambition in the negotiating rooms. The ocean is changing and how we manage and protect it must change as well.

Relying on the same fragmented regime that has lead to the current ocean crisis would not significantly improve the status quo, but would deliver at most “paper parks” with no real protection. Now the stakes are even higher for the final stage of the negotiations.

We have been encouraged to hear so many governments committed to finalising the Treaty by 2020. This is a historic opportunity that is too valuable to miss. Greenpeace urges governments to commit to a strong Global Ocean Treaty that provides our ocean, and our planet, with the protection that they urgently need.