On the closing day of negotiations towards a high seas treaty, the EU called for transparency in the ongoing process, specifically stating that civil society should remain involved regardless of changes in the format of the meeting. This was echoed by the Pacific Island Forum which includes New Zealand and Australia.

Numerous states, keenly aware of the 2020 deadline, called for zero text, which is the first draft of treaty, to be presented by

Ambassador Olai Uludong of Palau once again recognised the Albatross, the creature which won the public vote to represent the high seas at this IGC, saying “As we conclude today, may the Albatross guide you home and just as importantly may it guide you back to IGC3. The Albatross partners for life. May we be reminded of our commitment to this work that will have impacts that will have long lasting impacts beyond our lifetimes.”

All delegations speaking thanked the President and Facilitators for their excellent leadership, DOALOS for its service, the interpreters and civil society.

There was a palpable sense of relief that the two weeks were finished.

HSA leaves IGC2 with a sense of cautious optimism and some relief that the momentum towards a 2020 treaty remains high.