Let’s Get Creative For the Ocean


Our beautiful ocean is under threat- from fishing, plastic pollution and climate change to name just a few. We need to take action fast to ensure we protect the ocean and all the amazing animals that live in it.

There is a very important opportunity coming up that potentially will have a big impact on the ocean. After close to 20 years of discussions, Governments are meeting in New York in August 2022 to finalise an agreement known as “the High Seas Treaty” that will help protect ocean life in international waters. The High Seas Alliance and RISE UP are working with our members to encourage governments to make as ambitious an agreement as possible.

Young people have unfortunately been invisible from these important discussions, even though they have the most at stake in the long-term.

The High Seas Alliance and RISE UP would like to bring in these key young voices to the discussions, using art as a universal language that we all speak and understand.

Visit the RISE UP website to get involved!