Our participation has been based on universality regardless of legal status related to UNCLOS.

COP15 approaching (CBD) – BBNJ ever more relevant.

As parties of various international agreements on biodiversity, Turkey is dedicated.  Turkey will be fully engaged on BBNJ. Reflect on discussions, will study all proposals with a constructive approach. Turkey supports general intent of UNCLOS other than 3 articles, agrees with all of its provisions support all: sharing of MGRs.

We acknowledge states that attach importance to protecting UNCLOS in enumerating the BBNJ agreement, but it’s equally important to consider new ideas.   UNGA 72/249.Instrument at hand is an environmental agreement and will complement the CBD. 

Delegations should be flexible.

Removal of brackets in Article 4/4 concerning the status of non-parties to UNCLOS pronounced.

Take into account non parties. 

Provisions on dispute settlement should be reconsidered. Turkey submitted a proposal today on this section. Definition of ABNJ submitted.