Align with G77/China.

When IGC4 was postponed in 2020, no one expected a 2 year hiatus.  Intersessionals were good – valuable reflection. Philippines holds deeply held principles of UNCLOS: Anchored on common heritage in UNCLOS

High ambition with equitable sharing of MGRs.

Provides enhanced cooperation for conservation of BBNJ.

Full EIA. Support tiered approach that takes into account minor and transitory impacts. Support SEAs. Cumulative and transboundary impacts must be considered in the conduct OF EIAs.

On CBTMT, let us focus on finding practical solutions towards finding a financing mechanism – facilitate transfer of benefits. Afford special recognition to the needs of developing archipelagic states.

On cross cutting – Dispute mechanism system, that provides for the application of mutatis mutandis of part 15 of UNCLOS. Separate article for disputes of a technical nature.

Support way forward – conclude this year. Intersessional work is critical. 2022 – 40th anniversary of UNCLOS, the foundation of this agreement.