Palau took the floor on behalf of the 14 PSIDS, large ocean States that cover over 20 million square km of ocean. PSIDS came here to work, not talk. This being the final day in this room of tired but dedicated negotiators, PSIDS has a few things they really need to say. The Pacific has been involved in this process since the very beginning because they saw and still believe there is an urgent need for a global ocean governance framework that protects the marine environment – an environment and ocean that we rely on and are connected to. It is also relied upon for sustainable development. PSIDS reaffirmed their commitment to finish this, not just as tired negotiators, but as Pacific leaders, including Australia and New Zealand, who called for the conservation and sustainable use of ABNJ. At the pause of IGC5.1, the PSIDS delivered a statement expressing our sincere hope to maintain the progress. Even if it was a slow start, PSIDS are pleased to see the building of critical momentum in the last few days and hours and call on everyone to redouble efforts. PSIDS, on behalf of the Pacific family, appreciate all efforts from the President, the Facilitators and everyone else that has made this an inclusive, transparent and effective process. PSIDS have the commitment and faith to bring this ship to harbour.