Full trust in you to develop the next version of our text and we trust you to make the choices you need to make to produce an effective text. 

It would be our preference for DOALOS to be the Secretariat for the new Agreement

Thank NGOs for their inputs, and glad to have them back in the room. All the work that’s taken place is encouraging, I do believe we can conclude in August 2022. 

There are serious problems in the oceans and we need to rely on it for services. That’s why we need to take care of it.  We need leadership, we need cooperation, we need EIAs, We need a framework for establishing ABMTs and a network of MPAs. We need to find good solutions to MGR and sharing of benefits, and we need a robust framework for CB and financing of this work. Together with the EU, Norway has developed a proposal for the development of a working group on capacity building.