Endorse G77/China.

We continue working to uphold mandate upon us.  Mandate is to identify regulatory loopholes.  There are agreements for fisheries that constitute a robust governance system that  must not be altered by this Agreement.   Fisheries are duly regulated – Fish Stocks Agreement.  This conference has no mandate to modify or revoke the aforementioned agreement – fishing must not fall in purview of this instrument.  RFMOs have authority to implement conservation measures that are spatial or temporal in nature.  If fishing activities fall within the purviewABMTs or MPAs, that’s one thing, but this conference has no mandate to deal with that – but undermines RFMOs. Urge other parties and president that this instrument does not apply to fisheries. We already have UNCLOS and Fish Stocks Agreement.  They have mandate to regulate fisheries. Request that we exclude fishing and fishing activities on section of MGRs.  Exclude fishing from ABMTs and EIAs.