Associate with Fiji on behalf of PIF.

Aotearoa indigenous have relationship with ocean and all the fish, marine mammals, seabirds and all other invisible life forces in it.  Relationship brings stewardship that all people of New Zealand share. As a member of the High Ambition Coalition,we seek an ambitious treaty under UNCLOS for BBNJ.

Status quo is not delivering on stewardship of BBNJ, we need to elevate BBNJ in all sectoral and regional regimes and breaks the trend of decline of BBNJ. 

We worked hard in IGC4. Thank HSA and other civil society. Hope that modalities that hindered them will not be required at IGC5.  

We cannot let up pace – work together in coming months to find solutions for strong and effective treaty.  Be creative on disagreements.  Treaty will not exactly match all of our starting positions. We stand ready to engage on proposals – esp strengthen biodiversity outcomes including fair and equitable benefit sharing, clarify roles between COP and other bodies. 

Acknowledge relationship of SIDS with ocean.  Provide for the recognition and appropriate treatment of indigenous peoples and traditional knowledge.  

Final stretch towards IGC5.  We must conclude in 2022.This will send a positive message for global cooperation and on multilateral issues.