Informal-informals on EIAs completed a full review of Part 4 of the draft agreement. Article 34 (publication notification and consultation) was discussed, specifically references to high seas pockets and adjacent coastal states in context of public notification, and significantly redrafted to improve clarity. The provision now distinguishes states from other stakeholders and clarifies on consultation throughout the EIA process as appropriate, including during scoping phase and draft reporting. No agreement was reached on provisions referencing adjacent coastal states or most affected states. A new paragraph was introduced that defines how to determine most affected states or potentially most affected states. Option B was removed from original paragraph 2 of Article 34 that talks about stakeholders not States. Work continues on paragraphs 4 and 7 still. Delegations are still working on a compromise on the call-in mechanism which is relevant for EIA stages – screening, decision making, and monitoring and review of authorized activities. The impact vs activity approach within Article 30 was discussed and brackets were lifted regarding b on scoping, and in Article 39 brackets were lifted as well to mirror those changes. Article 41, review of authorized activities and their impacts, was also discussed and although some brackets remain, positive progress was made.