During informal-informals on ABMTs on 1 March 2023, delegations worked through the whole of Part 3 of the draft text to try and clear remaining text and spend more time focusing on some of the complex issues. Discussions began with focus on the MPA definition (Article 1 paragraph 12) , and there was support for a careful compromise and the brackets around “long term biodiversity” were removed but one delegation still had concerns and suggested adding new brackets elsewhere. There was further discussion around disputed areas, high seas pockets and decision making. There was agreement on Article 18, paragraph 4 regarding high seas pockets, but a proposal to expand the scope to high seas pockets bordered by continental shelves remains still in brackets. For decision making (Article 19), and the issue of recognition, there have been some bilateral efforts, but outstanding issues remain. Delegations also considered the merged formulation of paragraphs 8 and 9 in Article 19 regarding the situation where an IFB is established, or the competence of the IFB be expanded so that it overlaps with an existing ABMT, including MPAs, under BBNJ. Brackets around this paragraph as a whole were removed, although some internal brackets remain. For decision making related to the opt out more discussions are needed to reach consensus.