Would like to share reflections on work of the IGC, up to and including this session and recall next steps.  Full statement will be uploaded, so won’t go through all steps, nor what additional work needs to be done, but just some of the reflections on the work that has been done.

Want to commend all for their constructive attitude, I share the observation of many that there has been a deeper level of engagement and willingness to listen and respond to each other. Number of proposals reflects the careful consideration given to the draft text, including during the intersessional period. Fourth session has made further progress on draft text, and has allowed us to identify several areas of general agreement, and areas where text can be streamlined.

We are closer to the goal of res 72/249. With continued commitment we will be able to build bridges and close gaps, including on issues we couldn’t tackle this session. End of the fourth session closes the current mandate of the conference. But we have not come to the end of the work. Working towards convening the 5th IGC, encourage all to work across regions to come up with creative solutions to remaining issues that stand between us and the final text.

Wish to thank the secretary general of the conference, and the secretary of the conference, the team in OLA, in particular DOALOS, and in conference services (interpreters, translators and GC). Thanks to my team, bureau and facilitators. And place on record thanks to previous facilitators – Miss Alice Reville (ABMTs), Amb Oli Ouludung from Palau (CBTMT), Want to thank each and everyone here. Covid restrictions, including civil society access and room capacity – which were partially lifted after the first week.

Restrictions didn’t get in the way of work, and all worked to get over them.  Privileged to be in the same canoe as all of you, who have taught me so much. More to come, and we must redouble our efforts, but I am optimistic our destination is in sight.

Invited all delegations to submit all proposals by the 31st March. We will compile all proposals received and will do my best to use those to produce a revised text to be issued asap, probably early May, translated into all official languages.

Recall recommendation in draft report, we will table resolution for a fifth session of IGC.  This will take us through the budgetary process before a decision is considered by UNGA.