Wish to thank the president for constructive fourth session of IGC on BBNJ. After two years of interruptions we are delighted to be back in NYC in person for crucial negotiations. Thanks to facilitators for guiding conversations and to DOALOS for smoothness. Thank delegations for fruitful exchanges, showing willingness to bridge positions to find common ground. Good to see all of you.

We are of the view that differences are not insurmountable, committed to putting into place an effective CBTMT mechanism. 

We don’t support increase in detail in Agreement, we have indicated flexibility to consider more elaborate provisions if this will reassure some delegations. 

We proposed elements for a funding mechanism that could offer assurances for funding availability. With Norway, submitted proposal for a CB body under the Agreement. 

EU tabled proposal enabling COP to set clear process for relevant contributions on monetary benefits to ensure fair and equitable MGR in ABNJ sharing. We will work with others to find common elements and propose solutions.

We trust collective efforts to submit common approach. 

We believe BBNJ key is to establish ABMTs and MPAs – we appreciate the willingness to see a COP have that has power – we need to ensure practicable, cooperative engagement to make sure we have a global network of MPAs, we thank all in the working group on this on joint effort to streamline. 

We are pleased with EIA progress, have submitted new proposals and hope they will see progres. A trigger on EIAs, internationalism, relationships with ILBIs and on SEAs – we engage constructively and are streamlining test and keen to take this forward.

Need strong institutional framework for BBNJ, believe we have made good progress. Wish to reiterate that a self standing secretariat will be essential.

On funding emphasise importance of specific reference to the GEF establishing relationship with IGC,  still considering issue of application including non application of MGR part to state owned operators, working with others to find common ground on this ahead of IGC5.

Note good progress on many topics above, but to move forward for a rich BBNJ agreement, we need to continue work ahead of IGC5. The EU and its member states are fully prepared to use the intersessional period in an effective manner.  Possibly with support of facilitators.  Highlight urgency of this work, very important to conclude in 2022.  The year of UNCLOS 40th anniversary, which sets out the legal framework for all marine activities.

IPCC ocean report highlights increasing challenges faced by ocean governance structures.  Need to develop collaborative structures and finance mechanisms for ABNJ. Less than 1% protected and this impact on BBNJ, EU stresses need to take action now.

We look to the future and begin prep for IGC5.  We consider this can be achieved by UNGA resolution for IGC in the last two weeks of August this year.

Hope full provisions for this meeting, including access for civil society. Believe this will focus minds and produce atmosphere conducive to agreement. Need to convene intersessional asap and have draft text. Strongly emphasize the need for an up to date revised draft text, which prepares ground for the final session this year. Preference for a streamlined text with fewer options, with identified landing zones for consensus. Full confidence in Chair to achieve this.  We ended this well in advance for fifth session.

Committed to reaching ambitious, effective, inclusive, fair agreement in 2022. Look forward to this. High ambition coalition is a testament to how we can join voices to raise ambition for BBNJ. On 11th feb 2022 HAC was launched in Brest. EU joined the coalition, we thank those that have joined or who have supported and invite others to join. Look forward to IGC5