Thank you Madam President, 

First and foremost, the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition congratulates you for your skillful  captaining of this ship, and we congratulate States on their dedicated work towards concluding this Agreement. This is a momentous opportunity for humanity to safeguard the health of the ocean, including the deep sea, and we need to redouble our efforts to bring it to shore. 

This new treaty will be a turning point, and will mark a new era where humanity prioritises the health of the ocean and not just what we can extract from it. We urge that the next step to protect marine biodiversity is for States to call for a moratorium or a precautionary pause on deep-sea mining, to halt further degradation of the marine environment and protect the carbon sequestration and storage provided by the deep sea.

Furthermore, to protect marine biodiversity, and specifically vulnerable marine ecosystems,  we urge the few flag States still allowing their vessels to bottom trawl on seamounts to agree to phase out the practice in ABNJ, and urge all States concerned with the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in ABNJ to participate in the UN General Assembly’s review of deep sea fisheries in November.

As we prepare ourselves for the final session, and fortify our efforts and our dedication, it is vital that we respect and uphold our ever-growing international commitments to safeguard biodiversity, and that we tread more lightly in this world

We call on States to respond to the urgency of the climate and biodiversity crises by ensuring the Treaty be concluded as soon as possible. This Treaty will be imperative in catalyzing global efforts to restore and revive our ocean.

Thank you & safe journeys home