Honor to make statement on behalf of Colombia and El Salvador.  Wish to refer to 4th paragraph of Art. 4 in new draft – relationship between this agreement and convention and other agreements, and other relevant organisations.  Our participation is based on the view that it is necessary to conserve BBNJ but also the global regime in this field must regulate and harmonize under international law including international environmental law.  Various matters and legal principles converge in BBNJ – these enviromental issues such as common heritage of humankind – scope goes beyond UNCLOS and not all parties present are members. UNGA 69/292 and 72/249 adopted by consensus recognize that participation in BBNJ negotiations is not binding.  This text should be reflected in the agreement. As such we call for the removal of brackets in para 4 article 4 – to say that neither the text or our participation can apply that we are bound to convention.  We have approached other delegations with concern – want inclusion of clause with legal statement concerning parties not included in convention.  We are ready to actively participate in negotiations to achieve an ambitious, inclusive and universal instrument imposed upon us by UNGA.