Recognise President for excellent leadership in this session. Congratulate you on progress made on the ILBI under UNCLOS on conservation and sustainable use of BBNJ

UNCLOS gives all states, including land-locked states, the right to participate in conservation and sustainable use of BBNJ in ABNJ. We reiterate the principle of common heritage and free access to the high seas should be enforced under UNCLOS for the benefit of mankind as a whole, irrespective of the geographic position of states.

Right of landlocked states is clearly stipulated in UNCLOS. But our participation in ocean economies is limited. We rely on passage through neighbouring countries, which presents challenges – including logistical, and lack of their awareness of our rights. This became more pronounced during covid, where access was made more difficult.

Enhancing efficient transport is important to allow LLDCs to participate in ocean economies.

LLDCs wish to recall the principle of common heritage and benefit to mankind – we are of view that these should be preserved and enhanced, not weakened. Benefits acquired from MGRs in ABNJ should be shared in transparent and fair with all parties.  We request participation of LLDCs on non discriminatory basis. We have the right to participate under UNCLOS,