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Nepal, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Agree with G77/China, and Botswana on behalf of LLDCs Following key points: Conservation and sustainable use of BBNJ. Principles of common heritage of humankind, access to the high seas. This negotiation – special needs of least developed countries. Need a single article of special needs of these countries.  Ensure effective  – recognize landlocked countries, and … Continued

18 March 2022

Dominican Republic, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

This 4th session is concluding on a positive and hopeful note. We have made progress on aligning positions. Our conclusion is a great starting point for summer 2022 – IGC5. As an island, it is vital that new text makea it clear – conservation of BBNJ must be clear in text.  All countries, including land … Continued

Indonesia, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Agree with G77/China. Despite efforts, we are aware there are limitations and this has become a hindrance.  This aggravates outstanding issues.  We need IGC5. Underscore forthcoming instrument BBNJ should establish a balance of interests of all states.  MGRs – scope in agreement, right to fish in BBNJ.  Eliminate uncertainties / gray areas on activities.  Set … Continued

Sri Lanka, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Sri Lanka joins G77/China. We have listened to all statements.  Will reflect upon them in intersessional work. Will come back re-energized in IGC5 with hope there will be finality. New cooperation and compromise in IGC4, around a new legally binding agreement around a global commons. Underscore principle  that equitable benefit sharing is common good of … Continued

Tonga, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Align with G77/China, AOSIS, PSIDS, PIF.  Pleased to see principles and approaches relevant to SIDS.  Support plan for IGC5.  Encourage further coordination and cross regional proposals. Critical goal – protect global commons, BBNJ. 

FIJI (PIF), 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

All agree discussions have been the most productive of entire BBNJ process. Like others, we hoped to conclude today.  But remain committed to an ambitious agreement.  BBNJ should be based on best science and indigenous knowledge.  Cumulative impacts of activities and Climate Change – without undermining existing agreements and bodies.  Recognize importance of our role … Continued

Barbados (CARICOM), 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

CARICOM aligns with G77/China and AOSIS.  Highlight a number of issues: Deep appreciation to president and  facilitators, etc. Remain persuaded that areas beyond national jurisdiction are common heritage.  This vision has informed our engagement in BBNJ.  We need to conclude in 2022.  5th and final IGC this year. Urge president and secretary general – need … Continued

Antigua and Barbuda (AOSIS), 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Join G77/China and others in expressing appreciation to President.  We needed to come together despite restrictions to establish robust and enduring agreement for BBNJ.  Welcome civil society in 2nd week. Pivot to final stages of this process. Considerable work needed intersessionally.  Continue to engage with other delegations to build bridges. Calls for early release of … Continued

Pakistan (G77+China), 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Modalities of this conference remained a challenge – but appreciate efforts. Glad to see easing of restrictions in week 2 including welcoming civil society back. Underscore having delegates from capitals present – need voluntary donations to fund for this participation.  Despite lost time, need to build on first 4 IGCs with view of adopting this … Continued

Colombia and El Salvador, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Honor to make statement on behalf of Colombia and El Salvador.  Wish to refer to 4th paragraph of Art. 4 in new draft – relationship between this agreement and convention and other agreements, and other relevant organisations.  Our participation is based on the view that it is necessary to conserve BBNJ but also the global … Continued

Samoa on behalf of PSIDS, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Commend stewardship of negotiations. Commend guidance of facilitators. Pleased with exchange of views. Descendents of continent Gondwana – ocean links our islands – critical to protect our Pacific Ocean through shared stewardship. Blue Ocean commitment – collectively acting from position of strength.  Welcome plan to update draft treaty text. Value in cross regional proposals – … Continued

Mexico (CLAM), 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Thank you President and delegations.  Last 2 weeks CLAM strived to participate proactively.  Hope we conclude in IGC5.  Invite all delegations to use intersessional periods and various ocean meetings.  Move towards adoption of Treaty. Group believes IGC benefits from participation of civil society.  Must guarantee participation for all of IGC5.  Participation of developing countries – … Continued

EU,18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Wish to thank the president for constructive fourth session of IGC on BBNJ. After two years of interruptions we are delighted to be back in NYC in person for crucial negotiations. Thanks to facilitators for guiding conversations and to DOALOS for smoothness. Thank delegations for fruitful exchanges, showing willingness to bridge positions to find common … Continued

Botswana (LLDC), 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Recognise President for excellent leadership in this session. Congratulate you on progress made on the ILBI under UNCLOS on conservation and sustainable use of BBNJ UNCLOS gives all states, including land-locked states, the right to participate in conservation and sustainable use of BBNJ in ABNJ. We reiterate the principle of common heritage and free access … Continued

President, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

“It considered that an additional session of the conference was required as soon as possible in order to make progress.” “The President was requested to take the necessary steps to that end as set out in section V of the present report.  Fourth sentence will read: “The president was also requested to prepare a further … Continued

Samoa (PSIDS), 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

We support your language and look forward to concluding at IGC5.

Iceland, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Echo most of the speakers before me in saying text as is, is sufficiently open. We think the most important thing is that we have a good Agreement, well structured – and whether it concludes next session or the session after that is less important than the quality of the work. We will do our … Continued

Nicaragua, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

We believe that the work we’re undertaking and have undertaken has shown great progress, however, it is not appropriate to establish a fixed deadline saying we must finish by that point. We have to try to make progress but we cannot have a noose around a neck to say we have to have a given … Continued

Norway, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

As with most speakers we will do what we can that we finish in August, and think this should be reflected in the report.  

New Zealand, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Echo comments made by EU, UK, CLAM, CARICOM, US and Australia – prefer the text as presented to us. We agree with UK that it is drafted to be sufficiently open to allow multiple outcomes, but we believe we can, and will conclude at IGC5. If we are not working towards the conclusion of the … Continued

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