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President, 1 March 2023: Plenary

Following the reports from the Facilitators on MGRs, EIAs, ABMTs, CBTT and cross cutting, the President reported back on the Heads of Delegations discussion, which focussed on MGRs. Common elements were identified and the President noted a sense that Parties aren’t far apart but need to iron out details in the text. Upfront payment of … Continued

1 March 2023

State of Palestine, 1 March 2023: Plenary

Palestine made an intervention starting by giving thanks to the important message from the UN Secretary General. Palestine referenced that they were in the same canoe as everyone else and have the highest ambition to go beyond 3 nautical miles and get the treaty done. Palestine expressed support for African Group’s proposal on Article 12, … Continued

Mexico, 1 March 2023: Plenary

Mexico started their intervention by giving thanks to the Secretary General for his statement. Mexico stated the importance of using the common legacy of mankind as a guiding principle. Mexico pointed out that, along with CLAM, they have shown flexibility alongside many of its stances and have made significant concessions to seek solutions and compromises … Continued

Facilitator, 1 March 2023: Plenary Report Back on Cross Cutting

On cross-cutting discussions focused on Article 4 – the relations between this agreement and other bodies, including the “respects the competences” language. Significant progress was made. There is still some work needed to find a landing zone on the way to address the legal status for non-parties of the Convention (Article 4.3).

Facilitator, 1 March 2023: Plenary Report Back on CBTT

The Facilitator felt there was a positive and constructive spirit by delegates as they discussed issues around modalities. Brackets were lifted around Articles 44 and 45. Discussions focused on some specific proposals regarding the nature of obligation of transfer of marine technology- including whether to include a reference to biotechnology, as well as including terms … Continued

Facilitator, 1 March 2023: Plenary Report Back on EIAs

A small group met on 28th February 2023 to discuss Article 34 on public consultation and participation. Good progress has been made and further updates will be provided in informal-informals. 

Facilitator, 1 March 2023: Plenary Report Back on ABMTs

The Facilitator reported back on the informal-informals held on ABMTs on 28 February 2023, focussing in particular on the main areas in the updated draft text where progress is needed. Updates were given on  issues of recognition and on opt-out procedure. Agreement has been made regarding thresholds for emergency measures. Also most delegations are expressing … Continued

Facilitator, 1 March 2023: Plenary Report Back on MGRs

Reporting back on the small working group meeting on MGRs, on Article 11 bis on access and benefit sharing, delegations are exploring ideas for reaching common understanding on use of digital sequence information in the BBNJ Treaty, taking into account what is occurring in the context of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Consensus is … Continued

Facilitator, 28 February 2023: Plenary Report Back on Cross Cutting

The Facilitator on General Provisions reported back on the small working group which focused on Article 4 of the draft agreement. Considerable time was spent discussing the reference to the legal status of non-parties to the Convention, with some delegations wanting a firm statement on the legal status of non-parties and those who have a … Continued

28 February 2023

Facilitator, 28 February 2023: Plenary Report Back on CBTT

The Facilitator reported back on the progress made during small working groups on CBTT. Delegations discussed Article 45, the additional modalities for the transfer of marine technology, and suggested splitting technologies into groups, subject to patents or intellectual property rights, and those relating to technology which is not currently subject to patents. There is still … Continued

Facilitator, 28 February 2023: Plenary Report Back on EIAs

The Facilitator reported back on the small working group discussions on EIAs which focused on the call-in mechanism currently included in Article 30, paragraph 4. This would allow a Party to register certain concerns with the Scientific and Technical Body or the Implementation and Compliance Committee during the different stages of the EIA process. A … Continued

Facilitator, 28 February 2023: Plenary Report Back on ABMTs

The Facilitator reported back on small working group discussions on emergency measures (Article 20 ante) and Article 19 relating to a situation where an IFB is established in an area that already has an existing ABMT, including MPAs, under BBNJ. Progress has been made and will be discussed further in informal-informals. The Facilitator noted that … Continued

Facilitator, 28 February 2023: Plenary Report Back on MGRs

During informal-informals on MGRs following the release of the updated draft text, delegations seemed to be generally comfortable with the text in Article 10 bis on traditional knowledge of Indigenous Peoples and local communities associated with MGRs in ABNJ. On Article 11 on the fair and equitable sharing of benefits, a group of States introduced … Continued

High Seas Alliance, 27 February 2023: Statement

The greatest opportunity in a generation to conserve ocean life and biodiversity on a global scale and safeguard two thirds of the world’s ocean is happening right now. Today we enter the second week of the resumed 5th session of negotiations for a new treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in … Continued

27 February 2023

President, 27 February 2023: Plenary

The President opened week 2 with report backs from the Facilitators on MGRs, EIAs, ABMTs, CBTT and cross-cutting. The President reflected on the purpose of the updated draft text which was released over the weekend. Acknowledging that there would be a variety of views as to what should or should not have been included in … Continued

Jamaica, 27 February 2023: Plenary

Jamaica began their intervention by expressing deep concern that at this stage not enough progress is being made to ensure an effective new agreement, noting that many delegations appear to be complaining about the state of the process and how we are working. Delegations seem to be digging their heels in instead of making every … Continued

China, 27 February 2023: Plenary

China was pleased to note that under some subjects progress has been made. However the text still includes hundreds of brackets. Some concerns were not included and so there may be even more brackets. Brackets are not daunting but suggest we face differences in views squarely and understand the rationale in order to seek solutions. … Continued

Brazil, 27 February 2023: Plenary

Brazil opened their intervention by stating that they are fully committed to the conclusion of an ambitious, fair agreement. Brazil understands that the agreement should include the application of the common heritage of mankind and digital sequence information, monetary and non-monetary benefit sharing. Brazil also supports that the agreement should be fully consistent with UNCLOS. … Continued

Ecuador, on behalf of CLAM, 27 February 2023: Plenary

Ecuador, speaking on behalf of CLAM, made a request regarding the lack of time allocated for the financing discussion. There has not been any time allotted for informal-informals or small working groups on finance. Progress has been made but there are still some matters to resolve and time and space are needed to discuss these. … Continued

Sierra Leone (African Group), 27 February 2023: Plenary

Sierra Leone, on behalf of the African Group, is resolved to work towards a fair, future proof, equitable, universal treaty that will achieve objectives. However, the African Group seek to understand some of the thinking that informed some of the changes in the updated draft text, particularly for issues that have the potential to weaken … Continued

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