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Indonesia, 26 August: Closing Statement

Aligns with G77+C. For the last two weeks constructive deliberations were demonstrated that reflect the spirit and commitment of the Member States towards this BBNJ agreement. Must not turn away from our responsibility for the good governance of the common heritage of mankind. Transparency and inclusiveness are crucial. Regime established should ensure fair access and … Continued

1 September 2022

Federated States of Micronesia, 26 August: Closing Statement

Align with G77+C, AOSIS and Pacific States. There is no doubt on the importance of what we try to accomplish in the BNBJ process. The world is watching us. Disappointed that IGC5 has not concluded, but we commit ourselves to the successful conclusion of our work when the sessions resumes.   

Tanzania, 26 August: Closing Statement

Align with G77+C and AG. The current status of the ABNJ is unsatisfactory, this was the basis of the UN GA resolution that created the process we are in. Iinability to conclude these negotiations indicate that the status quo is unbalanced and unsustainable. However, all is not lost; we have made impressive progress in this … Continued

Monaco, 26 August: Closing Statement

The momentum during these two weeks have been extremely positive. The revised and refreshed texts circulated throughout the negotiations demonstrate the progress achieved. Part three on area-based management tools including MPAs saw particular progress. Work and progress must be preserved in view of the next step. Remain fully committed to continue working with you and … Continued

Thailand, 26 August: Closing Statement

Aligns with G77+C. Thailand remains committed to cooperate with all delegations to conclude an implementable BBNJ agreement. Common heritage of mankind as our guiding principle moving forwards.   

Venezuela, 26 August: Closing Statement

Salute the decision to suspend IGC5 to resume it later on and confirms our support moving on. Hope that the proliferation of small groups can be avoided as it has impacted the effectiveness of organizations like ours. The adopted text must be legally binding and universal, every effort should be made to ensure there is … Continued

India, 26 August: Closing Statement

Looking forward to working on a refreshed text at the resumption of IGC5. We feel it would be helpful if the subgroup meetings were reflected in the initial agenda.

Costa Rica, 26 August: Closing Statement

Aligns with G77+C and CLAM. Since the beginning of the negotiations over a decade ago, Costa Rica has committed to contributing towards the common goal of reaching an implementing agreement that can address the legal and implementation gaps identified at the beginning of the process. Have promoted the crucial creation of a network of interconnected … Continued

Canada (on behalf of Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Norway), 26 August: Closing Statement

Whilst disappointed not to have finalised a BBNJ treaty, also agree that we have never been closer to our goal and note extensive progress over the last two weeks, more than any previous session of this conference. Support the suspension of IGC5 and resumption at a later date. Now important to preserve the achievements that … Continued

Nicaragua, 26 August: Closing Statement

Thankful to the flexibility that delegations have shown but suggest that greater flexibility is needed to reach an agreement. Thank the facilitators but ask that reports are elaborated in a more realistic manner in reflecting discussions. Kindly request that the next meeting does not hold small group settings because they reduce the possibility of small … Continued

Chile, 26 August: Closing Statement

Align with G77+C and CLAM. Chile considers that substantial progress has been made in this session and that we will be able to conclude an agreement at the next session. An ambitious and robust BBNJ would fill a gap in global ocean governance, providing links to the CBD’s goal of protecting 30% of the ocean by … Continued

Iceland, 26 August: Closing Statement

As frustrated as we are that we didn’t reach an agreement, we must recognise that these negotiations marked a turning point. Made more progress in two weeks than we did a decade before. Must build on this progress when IGC5 resumes so that we can finish this effectively.

Turkey, 26 August: Closing Statement

Pleased to observe significant progress. Our participation has been active and constructive and has been on the understanding that the BBNJ process is open to all UN member States regardless of UNCLOS status. Reaffirm that, with exception to three articles, we support the general intent of the UNCLOS, particularly those related to MPAs. Need to … Continued

Philippines, 26 August: Closing Statement

Aligns with G77+C. As an archipelagic State we are our own category under UNCLOS and our distinct geography presents specific challenges for CBTT. Came here with full flexibility and it is regrettable that this conference was not able to reach an agreement. There are a number of core issues on which there is no convergence. … Continued

Iran, 26 August: Closing Statement

Committed to building a robust and legally binding agreement which preserves the biodiversity of the ocean, but one that also ensures CBTT and the fair sharing of assets for developing countries. Would like to emphasize that transparency and inclusiveness are key moving forwards, and that future IGC negotiations have a more defined methodology. There is … Continued

Egypt, 26 August: Closing Statement

Aligns with G77+C and AG.  Like many delegations, were aspiring to end the treaty during this session but acknowledge how much has been achieved collectively. Egypt is deeply committed to a high ambition BBNJ treaty at the resumption of IGC5.

President, 23 August 2022: Plenary

Following the publication of a revised text at the end of Week 1, the first Plenary of Week 2 began with reports from the facilitators on informal-informals held on MGRs, ABMTs, EIAs and cross-cutting issues on the 22 and 23 August.  Following the reports from the facilitators, the President spoke about the programme of work … Continued

23 August 2022

Facilitator, 23 August 2022: Plenary Report Back on MGR

Informal-informals on MGRs, included questions on benefit sharing, focusing on Articles relating to notification of activities relating to MGR in ABNJ, fair and equitable sharing of benefits, and transparency and traceability. Views continue to differ between State delegations on how to address monetary benefits. On transparency and traceability, the facilitator noted the need to clarify … Continued

Facilitator, 23 August 2022: Plenary Report Back on ABMTs

Informal-informals on ABMTs continued to focus on the power of the Conference of Parties (CoP) in decision-making and the establishment of ABMTs, including MPAs in ABNJ. Discussions have taken place on what decisions the CoP can take, and how CoP decisions relate to other bodies and instruments. There continues to be strong support to have … Continued

Facilitator, 23 August 2022: Plenary Report Back on EIA

Delegations remain divided on the wording around the definition of an EIA. The facilitator reported that the working group on “strategic environmental assessment” (SEA) proposed to proceed without a definition of this term. One of the major remaining issues in relation to EIAs is the impact versus activity-based approach in relation to the obligation to … Continued

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