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Egypt, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Align with G77/China and The Afric Group. Look forward to IGC 5 succeeding. As we approach IGC 5, we look forward to bridging remaining gaps on the basis of the principles of CHM, genuine benefit sharing, and CBTMT to developing countries. We are keen to finalize as soon as possible, but this should not undermine … Continued

18 March 2022

Venezuela, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Align with G77/China.  Our intervention concerns Art. 4 para 4. Resolution 69/292 and 72/249 mandate the elaboration of an ILBI on BBNJ and recognize that neither participation in the negotiations nor the result can affect non – Parties nor the legal status of parties to the Convention with respect to those instruments.  Taking into account … Continued

Iran, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Align with G77 and China.  Ocean offers great promise for poverty eradication and economic development, this is only possible if new instrument provides a robust regime has fair and equitable benefit sharing that enables developing countries to share these benefits. Expressions are not enough, need legally binding provisions to ensure equality.  New Agreement’s success depends … Continued

Norway, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Full trust in you to develop the next version of our text and we trust you to make the choices you need to make to produce an effective text.  It would be our preference for DOALOS to be the Secretariat for the new Agreement Thank NGOs for their inputs, and glad to have them back … Continued

Australia, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Align with Fiji on behalf of PIF. Concluding an ambitious BBNJ is key part of Australia’s commitment to protecting the marine environment.  Remains much work to be done despite good cooperation.  Want to conclude this year, support proposal to hold a fifth and final conference in August 2022. Ambitious goal but we are optimistic. Support … Continued

Morocco, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Align with the Africa Group. We are deeply concerned by degradation of oceans by human activity, which is exacerbated by climate change. Forcefully reaffirm our commitment to fighting the dangers facing our oceans.  Good that this IGC was able to be held, thank you for your canoe leadership.  Incumbent upon us to continue our work … Continued

United States, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

The conclusion of a strong BBNJ agreement is a priority for the US. We are more aligned now on MPAs and ABMTs, more aligned on EIAs, more aligned on benefit sharing on MGRs, and more aligned on the conditions needed for collaboration in capacity building.  Differences in views remain, but encouraged by substantial progress on … Continued

UK, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Felt a strong sense of purpose in our work. Delegations have worked hard in this room and in other gathering. Achieve a clear, implementable text. In that spirit we tabled a proposal on the ABMT and MGR text. Have listened carefully to the CBTMT discussion. Support GEF becoming the core funding mechanism for capacity building, … Continued

Iceland, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Unprecedented progress, we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did without your leadership. Thank delegations for willingness to negotiate. Have seen increased flexibility.  Recognize that different countries have different positions, we think these differences can be overcome. We are all here for the same reason, to ensure conservation and sustainable use  of BBNJ.  We … Continued

Canada, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Remains committed to an international regime for conservation and sustainable use of BBNJ. Believe that an agreement is beginning to take shape. Canada will be fully engaged. Appreciate the way this session has been conducted, we have regained momentum. Full confidence in way forward, including your providing us with a streamlined text. Text is in … Continued

Korea, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

We came with 2 things in mind – 1. sense of urgency. Threats to ocean etc. We need to pull together to make a practical agreement.  2. Flexibility. Fresh look at every issue of the package.  Determined to maintain flexibility without exception.  Spare no effort for successful completion of our noble enterprise, which is well- … Continued

Turkey, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Our participation has been based on universality regardless of legal status related to UNCLOS. COP15 approaching (CBD) – BBNJ ever more relevant. As parties of various international agreements on biodiversity, Turkey is dedicated.  Turkey will be fully engaged on BBNJ. Reflect on discussions, will study all proposals with a constructive approach. Turkey supports general intent … Continued

Haiti, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Great interest in revised draft.  Welcome the richness and scope that came from various regional groups. Aligns with G77/China and CARICOM. Discussions are a democratic exercise and show that multilateralism is in good health. We have a capacity to find joint solutions to problems.  Happy with consensus on certain points which were diverging. Certain regional … Continued

New Zealand, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Associate with Fiji on behalf of PIF. Aotearoa indigenous have relationship with ocean and all the fish, marine mammals, seabirds and all other invisible life forces in it.  Relationship brings stewardship that all people of New Zealand share. As a member of the High Ambition Coalition,we seek an ambitious treaty under UNCLOS for BBNJ. Status … Continued

Nicaragua, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Endorse G77/China. We continue working to uphold mandate upon us.  Mandate is to identify regulatory loopholes.  There are agreements for fisheries that constitute a robust governance system that  must not be altered by this Agreement.   Fisheries are duly regulated – Fish Stocks Agreement.  This conference has no mandate to modify or revoke the aforementioned … Continued

Vietnam, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Align with G77/China. MGRs are common heritage and require our concerted efforts to protect for future generations. Encouraged by constructive dialogues. Many new proposals to bridge gaps.  But we still need to work hard in intersessional.  We are ready to engage to reach consensus. 72/249 – mandates consensus. Achieve an effective agreement on BBNJ. Stress … Continued

Oman, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Support G77 plus China. Hope convention will help conserve BBNJ. Marine biodiversity is CHM. We should guarantee the rights of adjacent states and coastal states.  Transfer of MGR benefits. Give priority to coastal states’ interests. EIA is one of the guarantees to be focused on in BBNJs – EIAs should include expectations and predictions of … Continued

Philippines, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Align with G77/China. When IGC4 was postponed in 2020, no one expected a 2 year hiatus.  Intersessionals were good – valuable reflection. Philippines holds deeply held principles of UNCLOS: Anchored on common heritage in UNCLOS High ambition with equitable sharing of MGRs. Provides enhanced cooperation for conservation of BBNJ. Full EIA. Support tiered approach that … Continued

Thailand, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Draft was constructive. Common heritage of mankind – 1958, one of the greatest visionaries of Thailand.  Thailand elected as first president. Sea is common heritage of mankind – we must regulate and preserve that heritage.  Our position on CHH – especially on MGRs.  Benefits need to be shared fairly between developed and developing countries.  Place … Continued

Bolivia, 18 March 2022: Closing Statement

Outcomes should be balanced and just. Align with G77/China and Botswana on behalf of LLDCs. Landlocked countries have a full right to access marine resources and use them as stipulated by UNCLOS – which is clear on rights and obligations of landlocked states.  Marine resources have significant potential in guaranteeing development of landlocked states.  This … Continued

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