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High Seas Alliance, 26 August: Closing Statement

Thank you Madam President, The High Seas Alliance has participated in the discussions around the future of the high seas since the very beginning. We were very encouraged by the good will and momentum that we saw at the beginning of IGC5, and share the disappointment expressed by others that we were not able to … Continued

5 September 2022

DSCC, 26 August: Closing Statement

Thank you Madam President,  First and foremost, the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition congratulates you for your skillful  captaining of this ship, and we congratulate States on their dedicated work towards concluding this Agreement. This is a momentous opportunity for humanity to safeguard the health of the ocean, including the deep sea, and we need to … Continued

Nepal (Land-locked developing countries), 26 August: Closing Statement

Aligns with G77+C. Nepal emphasizes that MGRs are global commons and that any legal instruments surrounding the high seas should not forget to uphold the principle of the common heritage of mankind. The resumed session needs to address the special needs of LDCs. Committed to contribution and call for the delivery of an inclusive agreement without … Continued

1 September 2022

Mexico (on behalf of CLAM), 26 August: Closing Statement

No doubt that IGC5 has been the session in which the most progress has been made of the entire conference. In some chapters important progress has been made. CLAM has participated in the session in an active and constructive manner, with the objective of concluding our work and achieving the goal of adopting a robust … Continued

European Union, 26 August: Closing Statement

Very positive discussions on some key areas of the treaty and a lot of progress has been made during IGC5 on ABMTs and MPAs. Engaged on allowing the CoP to designate MPAs in ABNJ. On EIA made important strides in the last few days and on MGRs, the EU, together with others, has suggested a … Continued

Antigua and Barbuda (on behalf of AOSIS), 26 August: Closing Statement

Align with G77+C. Disappointed that we have failed to reach an agreement. AOSIS came ready to conclude during IGC5. Given the far reaching and detrimental impacts that the high seas are already experiencing, and the consequential effect that this has had on SIDS, we urgently need to conclude this treaty. The special circumstances of SIDS … Continued

Samoa (on behalf of PSIDS), 26 August: Closing Statement

Disappointed not to have completed the work that we came here to do. PSIDS came with good faith and willingness to negotiate and conclude the BBNJ instrument. Acknowledge that substantial progress has been made in several areas, including on issues of deep importance for the PSIDS. Note the challenge of expense for smaller delegations and … Continued

Namibia (on behalf of AG), 26 August: Closing Statement

Align fully with the statement given by Pakistan on behalf of the G77+C. For the AG the BBNJ agreement was and is about the common heritage of humankind, restoring and preserving the health of the ocean, supporting livelihoods and addressing global inequality. Acknowledge that progress has been made and the finish line is in sight, … Continued

Barbados (on behalf of CARICOM), 26 August: Closing Statement

Disappointed that time did not permit us to conclude the BBNJ agreement at IGC5. Trust that all the work accomplished during the current session will be preserved for the continuation and finalisation of our work at the resumed session. CARICOM remains committed to concluding a robust, effective, implementable agreement that enables all state parties to … Continued

Pakistan (on behalf of G77 & China), 26 August: Closing Statement

The organization of IGC5 was one factor that slowed progress and improvements and lessons learnt must be implemented for the resumed session. G77 and China stress that the future instrument must encompass topics identified in the package agreed in 2011. Firmly believe that the principle of the common heritage of mankind should guide and underpin … Continued

President, 26 August: Closing Statement

Very close to the finish line, much closer than ever before, so don’t be discouraged, but let us redouble our efforts to move to the finish line. Although excellent progress has been made, following feedback received from various delegations it is understood a little more time is required. Following consultation with the Bureau, have taken … Continued

IUCN, 26 August: Closing Statement

Welcome the progress made towards an empowered and inclusive CoP and its components that will allow States to act together for a healthy ocean life, working with a dedicated Secretariat, indigenous and local knowledge and scientific technical body which will guide the implementation of the agreement. Note with concern areas that remain, including the need … Continued

United States, 26 August: Closing Statement

We have come a long way over the last two weeks. The ocean that divided us at the start of IGC5 was wide and the way ahead was not clear. Together we persevered, worked hard and with goodwill, we mapped out a way forward for the ocean and all the people around the world who … Continued

China, 26 August: Closing Statement

Aligns with the statement from G77+C. During IGC5 delegations have had deep and fruitful discussions on the draft text of the BBNJ agreement and much progress has been made. Equal and wide participation by delegations should be guaranteed and the state review mechanism, which is the nature and essence of a legal process, should be … Continued

Haiti, 26 August: Closing Statement

There is no doubt that very significant progress has been made, particularly about the four thematic and CC issues in discussion. Noted with satisfaction the flexibility shown by delegations on issues such as monetary benefit sharing. MGRs within ABNJs should be recognised as common resources of humanity.   

Republic of Korea, 26 August: Closing Statement

Sense of urgency which was noted at the last IGC has been further heightened as it has not been possible to reach consensus on several core issues during IGC5. There is no denying that we are many steps closer to the conclusion of the agreement than five months ago. Have taken a fresh look at … Continued

Ecuador, 26 August: Closing Statement

Ecuador has been committed to the protection of the ocean and its conservation and sustainable use for many years, including the establishment of the Galapagos Marine Reserve many decades ago which is still an icon, and at the time was the third largest in the world. Would like to see in the final BBNJ agreement … Continued

Dominican Republic, 26 August: Closing Statement

Support statement of G77+C, AOSIS and CLAM. The conservation and protection of our ocean is a fight against the clock. Even if we are geographically far apart, the ocean always acts as our connective tissue. Important that we leave here today with an understanding that we cannot continue to ignore the importance of securing sustainability … Continued

UK, 26 August: Closing Statement

See emerging consensus across the agreement and trust that all of the hard work done to-date will be taken forward. We have come very close and were ready to find a way forward on even the most difficult issues. Deeply regret that we were not able to conclude our negotiations. The UK remains committed to … Continued

Maldives, 26 August: Closing Statement

Aligns with G77+C and AOSIS. Disappointed that time did not allow us to conclude the negotiations today, however, we recognize the significant progress made in the session and we remain committed to conclude the negotiations to adopt an agreement that’s universal and also practicable at the earliest. Have shown our flexibility and made concessions on … Continued

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