STRONG High Seas Project – Study on the Socio-Economic Importance of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction in the Southeast Atlantic Region


STRONG High Seas Project: This report – Study on the socio-economic importance of areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) in the Southeast Atlantic region – aims to analyse the socio-economic importance of the ABNJ adjacent to the countries within the Abidjan Convention Area in West, Central and Southern Africa.

The report characterizes the socio-economic interests in ABNJ, underpinned by the ecosystem services concept, and the actual and potential social and economic outcomes (costs and benefits) associated with the conservation and use (exploitation) of marine resources, both in qualitative, and to the extent possible in quantitative terms. In this study, the term “socio-economics” is taken in a broad context to include the social aspects related to human well-being, livelihoods, impacts on communities, equity, socio-political systems, as well as economic ones.

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