High Seas Treaty Negotiations Video Updates

HSA/Civil Society

The Intergovernmental Conference (IGC4) on Marine Biodiversity of Areas Outside National Jurisdiction (BBNJ) is currently in a process known as informal informals, which restricts our ability to record or share publicly the details of the discussion. In response to this we have created the below Video blog series to keep you informed on the negotiations and any developments toward a new High Seas Treaty.

Day 10

Update From the Final day of BBNJ UN Treaty Negotiations

Liz Karan, Pew Charitable Trusts, explains that while it is disappointing that a high seas treaty wasn’t finalized during this meeting, we expect delegates to continue to work hard to protect 2/3 of our planet and finalize a Treaty at IGC5 in August 2022.

There are mixed emotions following the 4th IGC negotiations for a UN treaty for the High Seas. Fabienne McLellan, OceanCare, why we need to continue to build momentum into IGC5 later this year.

Travis Aten, High Seas Alliance, gives an update from the final day of IGC4 negotiations for a new High Seas Treaty, including the prospect of an IGC5 later this year. It’s exciting to see delegates working hard and coming together to take advantage of the little time they have left in this meeting.


Day 9

Watch these messages from a few of the High Sea Alliance Youth Ambassadors


Day 8

Wednesday 16, 2022

Meet IGC4’s High Seas Ambassador: the Jellyfish

Wondering why the High Seas Alliance chose the jellyfish as the ambassador for the IGC4 BBNJ High Seas Treaty negotiations? Rebecca Helm, University of North Carolina, explains: “There’s a lot to learn from jellyfish about how we are all so deeply interconnected.”

Day 7

Tuesday 15, March 2022

Scientists Call on Global Leaders to Protect High Seas Biodiversity

Rebecca Helm, University of North Carolina Asheville, how science is a critical piece to the puzzle when looking at protection biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction. We know so little about this area of the ocean and we need to ensure the high seas is protected and fairly utilized.

Day 6

Monday 14 March, 2022

Update – Heading Into Week 2 of UN High Seas Treaty Negotiations

Members of the High Seas Alliance look back over the negotiations last week and highlight what is needed to ensure a UN High Seas Treaty deliver’s on global ambitions to protect our ocean.

Working Against the Clock at the BBNJ ICG4 Negotiations for a High Seas Treaty

Peggy Kalas, High Seas Alliance, explains why time is of the essence during the 2nd week of the UN High Seas Treaty negotiations. Civil society and Member States are working around the clock to finalize a treaty that could protect an area of the ocean that covers 1/2 of the planet’s surface.

Decision Making Within A UN High Seas Treaty – Why It Matters

Travis Aten, High Seas Alliance, explains the importance of considering how decision making within a new UN BBNJ treaty will happen. Learn why an opt-out provision could be detrimental to a robust High Seas Treaty.

Day 5

Friday 11th March, 2022

Round up of Week 1 at the IGC UN High Seas Treaty Negotiations

We take a moment to look back on this first week of UN High Seas Treaty negotiations. Despite being outside of the meeting, Civil Society has been rigorously following and contributing to the negotiations. We can’t wait to get back to the negotiating table on Monday to ensure that over 2/3rds of our ocean is robustly protected.


Day 4

Thursday 10th March, 2022

Update from Duncan Currie, the High Seas Alliance

The morning session at the UN High Seas Treaty negotiations concluded the discussion on Marine Genetic Resources, this afternoon we will move into Area Baaed Management Tools including MPAs. Meanwhile, Civil Society works together outside the UN. 

Peggy Kalas Advocates for Protection of the High Seas

Years ago it was thought that the ocean was endless and bountiful. But we know better now. The UN has an unprecedented opportunity to protect the ocean with a High Seas Treaty.

Day 3

Wednesday 9th March, 2022

Our Call for the UN to let Civil Society Into the BBNJ IGC4 Negotiations

We’re calling on the UN to open up the BBNJ IGC4 negotiations to civil society so the future of our ocean can be discussed peacefully, openly and transparently. Do not lock civil society out of negotiations that affect half the planet.


Afternoon Update from Duncan Currie, High Seas Alliance

Duncan Currie, High Seas Alliance, explains the complexities around today’s session on Marine Genetic Resources (MGRs).

Day 2

Tuesday 8th March, 2022

Morning Update from Nichola Clark, The Pew Charitable Trusts

This morning’s session continued the discussion on Capacity Building and the Transfer of Marine Technology (CBTT). Nichola Clark, Pew Charitable Trusts shares her insights on why this topic is important to the UN High Seas Treaty negotiations.


Afternoon Update from Travis Aten, High Seas Alliance

Today’s afternoon session wrapped up the discussion on Capacity Building and the Transfer of Marine Technology and moved on to Marine Genetic Resources. Travis Aten, High Seas Alliance, share his insight on how the session unfolded.


Day 1

Monday 7th March, 2022

Morning Update From Duncan Currie, legal advisor to the High Seas Alliance

Duncan Currie, legal advisor to the High Seas Alliance, gives an update on the first day of negotiations at the UN. The talks, which for the first time focus on ocean biodiversity conservation in areas beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ), also known as “the High Seas,” come at a critical moment for marine life and an environment that is vital to the global food system and the fight against climate change. Currently only 1.2 percent of the High Seas enjoys any protections.


UN Video Recording of IGC4 BBNJ Opening Session

Afternoon Update from Veronica Frank, Greenpeace

Veronica Frank, from Greenpeace, shares her insight into this afternoons session on Capacity Building and Technology Transfer.

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