High Seas Treaty Dialogue: 10-11 February 2021 Capacity Building and the Transfer of Marine Technology


The topics of discussion for this High Seas Dialogue on Capacity Building and the Transfer of Marine Technology (CBTMT) include:

  • February 10: What type of CBTMT is absolutely necessary to fulfill the objectives of the agreement, What can we absolutely not live without in relation to CBTMT, how will the needs and priorities of developing State Parties for CBTMT be assessed and what are the linkages between CBTMT and other parts of the agreement (i.e. MGRs, ABMTs, etc.)
  • February 11: Modalities required to ensure effective CBTMT (including monitoring and review of CBTMT), the role of the clearinghouse mechanism in facilitating CBTMT and financial mechanism(s) required to support CBTMT.


The High Seas Treaty Dialogues are bringing together government representatives and experts in a Track 1.5 dialogue to make concrete progress toward the adoption of a United Nations “High Seas Treaty” – an international legally binding instrument under the United Nations Convention on the Law of Sea on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction.

Since April 2020 the High Seas Treaty Dialogues have convened delegates online, hosted by the governments of Belgium, Monaco and Costa Rica in collaboration with the High Seas Alliance. The High Seas Treaty Dialogues are organized and administrated by The International Center for Dialogue and Peace-building.

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