HSA collaboration with Canadian Artist Mathias Horne to highlight key high seas species

HSA/Civil Society

The High Seas Alliance is excited to announce our collaboration with Canadian artist Mathias Horne as part of our MPA campaign: The Hidden Natural Wonders of the World. Eight biodiversity hotspots were selected to be the first generation of marine protected areas (MPAs) in the high seas. Our campaign is promoting the establishment of these MPAs under the new U.N Treaty for Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ), which once ratified, will oversee marine conservation on the high seas. Mathias is helping to shed light on these important ecosystems and remarkable species who are often overshadowed because they exist within the high seas, thus outside the protection of state laws. 

Each proposed MPA site is represented by an ambassador species, which Mathias is painting portraits of. The sites are examples of areas rich in biodiversity, endemism, and ecosystem importance, with the species representing epic stories of evolution, adaptation, migration, and resilience across the high seas. 

Mathias Horne is a Canadian artist based in Squamish, British Columbia. His passion for nature extends beyond art to include science communication and conservation. In addition to his partnership with the High Seas Alliance, Mathias works with the Grizzly Bear Foundation in Canada to support grizzly conservation and public education. His work has been featured in the Bateman Gallery in Victoria, BC, as well as the Maury Young Gallery in Whistler, BC. Mathias’ specialty is intimate wildlife portraiture, which draws focus to the subject’s unique charisma and personality. Through his work, Mathias’ goal is to inspire people to care about the species and ecosystems we share the world with, as well as support the initiatives fighting to protect them. 


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