Coral Reefs on the High Seas launch official website

HSA/Civil Society

In April 2021, the Coral Reefs of the High Seas Coalition launched its website. Coral reefs are widely regarded as one of the top conservation priorities globally, as these ecosystems harbor extraordinary biodiversity, provide many human benefits, and are highly vulnerable to impacts. While most of our knowledge of these critical ecosystems is derived from studies on nearshore reefs, coral reefs have also recently been documented on the high seas in many locations around the globe.

The Coral Reefs of the High Seas Coalition is a multidisciplinary alliance of partners that aims to generate the science, strategic communication, and political support that is necessary to conserve coral reefs on the high seas. Since its inception in 2019, the coalition has regularly convened experts in ocean science, exploration, policy, law, and communications to advance its work. Specifically, the coalition conducts scientific studies to generate the knowledge needed to guide policy recommendations, and engages with organizations that regulate human activities on the high seas to better position coral reefs for increased protection.

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