ASEAN Workshop

HSA/Civil Society

Since April 2021, HSA has collaborated with the Centre for International Law, and the National University of Singapore and Hanoi Law University to bring forward “The BBNJ Agreement Dialogue Series for ASEAN Member States,” which provides a forum for ASEAN delegations, academia and stakeholders to exchange views and discuss issues relevant to ASEAN members with respect to the BBNJ treaty negotiations.

There will be six webinars of 2.5-hour duration held on every three weeks beginning from early April 2021 on six topics: (1) BBNJ from the perspective of ASEAN Member States; (2) Area-based Management Tools; (3) Environmental Impact Assessments; (4) Marine Genetic Resources; (5) Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer; and (6) Cross-Cutting Issues. Panellists will give presentations on specific issues not lasting more than 45 minutes in total and the remaining time will be spent on discussion between the participants.