2 decades in the making: a strong High Seas Treaty in numbers

HSA/Civil Society

21 years since this issue was first discussed at the UN at the Informal Consultative Process meeting in 2002.

1 whole new generation “Z” has been born. 

1,700,000,000 extra people on the planet.

5 years since the UN agreed a resolution to start negotiating a treaty.

5,300,000 people signed their names to a petition calling for a strong treaty.

6 intergovernmental negotiating conferences (okay- one is “resumed”).

26,820 times the @HighSeasAllianc Twitter handle was used in 2022.

2000 scientists from around the world signed a letter supporting a strong treaty

7 Our Ocean Conferences. 

2 UN Ocean Conferences. 

1 global pandemic

2 years of delayed negotiations.

43,416 High Seas Treaty video streams  on social media in 2022.

30×30 ocean protection target agreed in 2022.

8 previous years were 8 warmest on record.

2,000 marine species new to science added each year to the World Register of Marine Species 

5,223 mentions of #HighSeasTreaty on Twitter in 2022

50 organisations member of High Seas Alliance.

1,298 statements by governments and NGOs on the High Seas Alliance Treaty Tracker page.

0.8% of High Seas in implemented fully and highly protected areas.


The time is more than ripe! Future generations are counting on this. 

Let’s secure 1 strong High Seas Treaty on March 3 at the UN in New York in 2023.


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