The Treaty Tracker enables ocean stakeholders to follow the BBNJ Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) negotiations. Users can:

  • Track what States, civil society and other groups are saying on key issues.
  • Track by issue or use it to find out what citizens and experts think.
  • Monitor expert opinion day by day.

The High Seas Alliance (HSA) Treaty Tracker is designed to enable stakeholders in the ocean to follow the negotiations.  Helping to increase the transparency and accessibility of the negotiating conferences, it enables people to track what states, HSA members and others are saying on key issues, or to follow the issues specifically. Each day, the Alliance also provides an update on how things are progressing with a view from different experts about what has happened and needs to happen next.

As a global commons, the ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction belongs to us all. The HSA is committed to supporting as many people as possible to engage in a process which could result in robust protection for the rich biodiversity comprising half our planet.

For media enquiries, please contact Patricia Roy email:, Tel: +34 696 905 907.