The greatest opportunity in a generation to conserve ocean life and diversity on a global scale and safeguard 2/3 of the world’s ocean is happening right now. World governments are in the final stages of negotiating a new treaty under the United Nations Law of the Sea Convention (UNCLOS) – the first ever to focus on conserving and ensuring sustainable use of biodiversity of the ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ), which includes the water column or “the high seas” and the seabed below. Comprising nearly half the planet, the high seas are a true global common.

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Discover a few of the incredible biodiversity hotspots in the high seas that deserve priority protection and could become the first generation of high seas MPAs under a new UN High Seas Treaty.

The Thermal DomeEnglish | Spanish

The Lost CityEnglish

Sargasso SeaEnglish

South Tasman Sea / Lord How RiseEnglish

Walvis RidgeEnglish

Salas y Gómez & Nazca RidgesEnglish | Spanish

Emperor Seamounts English

Saya de MalhaEnglish | Spanish | French

HSA has developed concise briefings on key BBNJ Treaty issues for negotiators and decision-makers: 

Area-based Management Tools and Marine Protected Areas

Environmental Impact Assessments 

Cross-cutting Issues