Susanna Fuller

Susanna Fuller currently works as a Senior Project Manager for Oceans North, focusing on community based marine conservation initiatives in Atlantic Canada and the Canadian Arctic. Susanna has been a member of the Steering Committee of the High Seas Alliance since 2014, and coordinated the work of the Alliance between 2012-2014. Additionally, she is a board member of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition and Ecotrust Canada.Susanna is a PhD. from Dalhousie University on the biogeography and impacts of fishing on deep water sponges in the North Atlantic. She has worked in the science policy interface for the past 15 years, largely in fisheries and marine conservation and in Canada as well as in international fisheries fora, including regional fisheries management organizations. She has also worked on market based solutions to sustainable seafood, focusing on financial incentives and promotion of local seafood as well as credible eco-certifications, largely through the Canadian SeaChoice program. Her favorite place to be is on or near the ocean, while her family, garden and bicycles all provide a welcome distraction from the environmental challenges that face our ocean.