Daily update August 2019

Align with G77+China. Additionally: 4.4: duty of state parties under their jurisdiction for AMBTs. ILBI could define exceptions for traditional navigation. Promote condition of the implementation of non-Parties.

Monitoring and review process: identify areas of adjustment. Using an adaptive management approach using best available scientific information. Need to be linked with specific provisions on non-compliance.

Collaboration with existing instruments and frameworks, easy way to follow up and review.

Need to have one coordinating entity to take a holistic approach where we have lots of stakeholders. This entity could be the BBNJ body.

Monitoring and review (to see if measures are effective or not): Need of ABMT Working Group working with a Compliance Committee as a subsidiary body. Compliance Committee assist the global body.

4.6: Use of terms for cross cutting elements: Have a full submission for this – key general principles and approaches: best available scientific information, including traditional knowledge, avoiding disappropriate burdens on SIDS, adjacency and compatibility.

Believe the obligation to cooperate is provided in UNCLOS, ILBI could operationalise it, through mandatory consultations with adjacent states, existing organizations, non-parties. Important to note scientific body, with competence to develop scientific criteria. Global body sets criteria/guidelines, coordinates with other bodies. Secretariat provides administrative support, hosts CLHM. Regional body with a Committee Working Group for the implementation of ABMT, constituted with relevant stakeholders involved in the implementation of the ABMT.

Scientific experts body sets global criteria, recommendations, multi-disciplinary conformation. Traditional knowledge experts would be a key element, including experts from PSIDs. Provision for a funding mechanism is critical. CLHM is important: act as a centralized repository for access and sharing of information, network of experts, exchange of information, one stop shop, managed by the Secretariat.

UNTV link to Statement from Nauru on behalf of PSIDs, September 13th

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