Daily update August 2019

I’m honored to make this final statement on behalf of the 40 member organizations of the High Seas Alliance, and we would like to express our deep appreciation for your leadership (along with wonderful analogies to apples and bear hunts) and congratulate you on successfully navigating us through the Aid to Negotiation discussions in this 2d session.  We also want to thank all of the Facilitators for their expert guidance through the elements, and DOALOS for their ever-constant efforts in supporting this work, the interpreters, and all delegations for the constructive atmosphere that has permeated this session.

Madam President, the hard work done over these past two weeks has well prepared us to now transition to draft treaty text, and support similar sentiments expressed by an overwhelming majority of delegations, and we also give you our full confidence in developing this text, well in advance of IGC3.


We further support [G77+China, the African Group, Group of Like-minded Latin American States] in that a zero draft text with no options, will best allow for the kind of negotiations needed to fulfill the timeline established by UNGA res 72/249, and complete our work in 2020.

Such a text will allow for perhaps a different formulation of discussions, which is needed to progress, and we urge that the next round of negotiations be as inclusive as is possible. We thank the EU, Pacific Island Forum, and CARICOM for their support of transparency in this regard.

Lastly, with a very short intersessional period before IGC3, we stand ready to work with all here to support your work as we paddle the canoe together.

After 15 years of discussions, and new and multiple threats confronting the ocean every single day including effects from climate change as eloquently highlighted by Micronesia, it is urgent to take full advantage of this fleeting opportunity if we are to maintain not just the albatross but the entire ocean that sustains our very life on earth.

Thank you so much, and safe and smooth travels home.

Read our IGC3 closing statementhere!