Daily update August 2019

Full trust in the President. Emphasizes that EU would like to begin text based negotiations, like to see a zero draft provided by the President and under her responsibility. Prior to IGC 1 more debate was needed, now we think that we have had comprehensive debates. We heard opinions, views and concerns, constructive and interactive discussions, We understand each other better and can move to text based negotiations. Expectations for EU for IGC 1 was to have a better understanding of where we all want to go. Views we have heard have surpassed our expectations. We need to move towards the elaboration of the draft of the ILBI.

We are firmly of the view that based on discussions, we now have to move to text, and are committed to 2020 deadline. Include options. Maybe no language on definitions or final clauses, text should seek to Identify convergence and commonalities, focus on regulatory option of each element of the package.

Thanks President, Facilitators, IGOs and NGOs and DOALOS for all hard work.

UNTV link to Statement from EU, September 14th

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