Daily update August 2019

Acknowledge that we don’t share identical positions, but our main interest is in conservation and sustainable use the ocean. This is a common duty.

Express support for switching gears and moving the process forward. Preparation of zero draft is the next step. Many delegations expressing similar views in their statements. Having a draft text will be conducive and enable more focussed discussion, measure divergence and challenges. Figure out new approaches, consider compromises too. We trust the President to fulfil the task of producing a zero draft and circulating it before IGC2.

Text can be structured in flexible manner, containing more than one option where needed, open to delegation for further inputs. Useful in addressing concerns and facilitating reaching consensus.

Thank all delegations for the active and serious discussions, the Facilitators for their leaderships, the IGOs and NGOs for their contribution as well as support of DOALOS and all the effort and support of the President.

UNTV link to Statement from Egypt on behalf of G77+China, September 14th

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