Daily update August 2019

Support G77. Additionally: Regarding: 3.3, suggest states parties report to COP on MGR access. COP then reviews and makes recommendation.

3.4.1 Use of terms: believes that ILBI should incorporate definitions of terms of MGRs and access.

3.4.2 ILBI should include provisions that require that it should not undermine existing instruments including UNCLOS and its implementing agreements, nor should it undermine regional sectoral bodies/etc (including FAO among others). ILBI should promote coordination and cooperation with existing international  agencies and avoid conflict of authority.

3.4.3 MGR benefit sharing – in addition to general principles, the following should be incorporated: peaceful purposes, promoting MSR, innovation, development and sustainable use for benefit of all mankind, equitable sharing of benefits, inter-generational equality.

3.4.4 ILBI should encourage countries to look at paragraph 2 of UNCLOS and carry out different forms of cooperation on MGRs including benefit sharing.

3.4.5 COP plus secretariat plus other bodies should be responsible for management of MGRs including benefit sharing. They should be responsible for decision making and management of MGRs. Could also set up mechanism to manage monetary benefits.

3.4.6 CLHM can play important role in sharing and exchanging info. All countries should provide ABS information to clearing house including, but not limited to, information on administrative and policy aspects of benefit sharing of MGRs as well as focal points and competent national authority information. Could also require countries to designate focal point to manage clearing house.

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