Daily update August 2019

Align with G77+China. Additionally: Express appreciation to President and Facilitators on the manner that 1st IGC has been driven. Also to DOALOS in the organizations of the Conference.

We call for zero draft text – this is the full responsibility of the President. On behalf of African Group and US, support efforts of convergence, facilitate text before 2nd session. All elements contained in draft considered as negotiating text, and subjected into intergovernamental discussions. Would be flexible with respect to having text projected on the screen or not but want to avoid parallel meetings.

Content of draft treaty language, should be robust and balanced text, with equal importance and degree of elaboration given to the four elements of the package.

Presented early in advance of IGC 2, for consultations.

Thanks to all delegations for continued level of commitments. Met our expectations. Thanks to other organizations, NGOs, civil society for your valuable contributions.

Conclude with proverb: “Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors” at the end of the IGC the President will be a great sailor.

“The ocean is the life blue of our world, if we were to lose our fish, or our favorite beaches to overbuilding or pollution, how would we feel…we don’t know what we have until it’s gone.”

UNTV link to Statement from Algeria on behalf of African Group, September 14th

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