Daily update August 2019

High Seas Alliance, 30th August 2019: Closing Statement

Madame President, I have the honor to speak on behalf of the 40 member organizations of the High Seas Alliance, and we align with the statement made by IUCN. We would like to express our deep appreciation for your leadership as you navigated us through the draft text in this 3rd session.  We also want to … Continued

Belize on behalf of AOSIS, 30th August 2019: Closing Statement

Members of alliance wish to join G77 + China and others in appreciation to Rena. This session has been a turning point – finally begun textual negs. We are pleased with interactions in informal informals – step in the right direction.Think we should do informal informals in March 2020. But still considerable work to be done … Continued

Algeria on behalf of the AG, 30th August 2019: Closing Statement

Align with G77 + China. Thank all who contributed to make this a successful session. Hope DOALOS preparing for secretariat functions of BBNJ instrument. We think it was positive, and allowed us to make good progress. Started the process of appropriation of the text, even though such appropriation could seem prohibited under CHM. In fact … Continued

EU, 30th August 2019: Closing Statement

We will continue to work towards reaching an implementing agreement by 2020. In order to make further progress, need to move to the next level, beyond stating or explaining our positions.  The new format of informal informals, together with WG, served us well for first reading of substantive part of draft. Support a stronger role … Continued

High Seas Alliance Statement, 29th August, EIAs, Article 35, 36, 37

Thank you Mr. Facilitator, Article 35: With regard to Article 35 We agree with the G 77 and China, EU, Seychelles, African Group, Senegal, US, Indonesia, Australia, Canada and others that the elements of paragraph 2 should be mandatory and therefore support the use of “shall” not “may” in para 2. We further support the … Continued

High Seas Alliance Statement, 29th August, EIAs, Article 34

Thank you Mr. Facilitator, We welcome the overwhelming consensus in favour of transparency. We just wish to comment on paragraphs 4 and 5. Transparency can be lost in practice if provisions are too restrictive or if too much material is kept confidential. On paragraph 4, we join the EU in suggesting deletion of the word … Continued

High Seas Alliance Statement, 29th August, EIAs, Article 48

Thank you Madam Chair, We firstly wish to acknowledge the many interventions in support of NZ’s transparency proposal, and secondly to support the EU’s proposed language in CRP.2 for the chapeau of paragraph 4, supported by NZ, to more accurately describe the functions of the COP. We think it is important to clarify that the … Continued

High Seas Alliance Statement, 29th August, EIAs, Article 48

Thank you Madam President, We warmly welcome the new proposed article on transparency made on behalf of New Zealand, and supported by Norway, Australia, Canada and PSIDS. We believe this is a crucial aspect of the Agreement. We welcome Article 48 and think it is a good foundation. The subsidiary bodies set out a very … Continued

Read our IGC3 closing statementhere!