Facilitator - Alice Revell of New Zealand, September 14th: Report on ABMT Working Group

Met on Friday 7th, Monday 10th and Thursday 13th of September. Discussions were structured around sections in  President’s aid, related to: objectives of ABMTs including MPAs, relationship to measures under relevant instruments, process of ABMTs, identification of areas, designation process, implementation, monitoring and review, cross-cutting: use of terms, international cooperation, institutional arrangements, CLHM, general principles. … Continued

Ambassador Janine Felson, September 14th: Report on MGR Working Group

Met for one and half days during Tue 11th, Wed 12th, Thurs 13th of September. Structured around sections in President's aid - scope, access and benefit sharing, monitoring and cross cutting elements. Will share main trends. Scope - manner in which geographic scope reflected in ILBI, some convergence on ILBI should apply to MGR in … Continued

EU, September 14th: Discussion of the path forward and the zero draft

Full trust in the President. Emphasizes that EU would like to begin text based negotiations, like to see a zero draft provided by the  President and under her responsibility. Prior to IGC 1 more debate was needed, now we think that we have had comprehensive debates. We heard opinions, views and concerns, constructive and interactive … Continued