Daily update August 2019

President, 5th April: Way Forward

Thank all delegations for kind words and trust. On basis of comments iI will produce a  document ahead of 3rd session. On timing – always want delegations to be well prepared. Will get draft before July 25th. But also remember ISA is in July and I will be there. Document that will be produced will … Continued

ICEL, 5th April: Way Forward

Congratulations to you and your team, the bureau members, the facilitators, the Secretariat, the interpreters and to all who took part in this historic process for a successful conclusion to the second session of the IGC. Thank you for your tireless efforts to bring us to this point of the negotiations. We would also like … Continued

High Seas Alliance, 5th April 2019: Way Forward

I’m honored to make this final statement on behalf of the 40 member organizations of the High Seas Alliance, and we would like to express our deep appreciation for your leadership (along with wonderful analogies to apples and bear hunts) and congratulate you on successfully navigating us through the Aid to Negotiation discussions in this … Continued

World Ocean Council, 5th April 2019: Way Forward

Global blue economy business organization have been involved in bbnj process since ad hoc process to bring voice of global ocean business community into this discussion.   Way forward is critical to have business community involved.   Hope we agree engaging of private sector important toward achieving goals of treaty when it comes into force. … Continued

Morocco, 5th April 2019: Way Forward

Align with G77+China and the African Group.   ATN great use, taking into account various positions on different points. Still need to overcome differences.   Encourage you to prepare a draft treaty on zero draft basis, with fewer options. Distributed in advance.   Parallel meetings – have to avoid having several meetings at the same … Continued

Uganda, 5th April 2019: Way Forward

Align with G77+China and the African Group   Share one little thing – we need to keep in mind that we are in this vessel which you can equate to an aircraft – first class, business class and economy where the majority of us falls.   It is in the interest of all of us … Continued

Vietnam, 5th April 2019: Way Forward

Align with G77 +China. Way forward, fully support President and trust President to fulfill task of producing zero draft text, circulate in timely manner prior tot IGC3. Preparation of draft text should remain a state driven process open to inputs from states a consolidated negotiating draft text established prior to IGC3. Under the principle of … Continued

Dominican Republic, 5th April 2019: Way Forward

Endorse the statement made by G77+China.   This session is concluding on a positive note.   Hope that IGC3 will produce the agreement we wish to see for BBNJ, within the framework of UNCLOS. The oceans are considered the CHM, that means that all countries, including those that are land-locked have a right to that … Continued

Peru, 5th April 2019: Way Forward

Underscores the importance of establishing through a legally binding instrument for BBNJ will contribute to an international order that is more fair and equitable. Emphasize this regime be inclusive in nature and does not affect the legal status of states not party to UNCLOS.   My delegation will continue to actively participate in discussions on … Continued

Ecuador, 5th April 2019: Way Foward

Need a fair balance between the CSU of marine resources.   Wishes to conclude this session, which as its result is a tangible rapprochement of positions. Looking towards the same goal, with some areas of common ground. Cannot be passive during the intersessional period and continue discussions within our region and south pacific coastal states. … Continued

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