Daily update August 2019

Brief written intervention for Greenpeace on behalf of High Seas Alliance; not given verbally due to session running out of time

Align with G77 + China, the EU, African Group, PSIDS, CARICOM, Argentina, Brazil, Singapore, Costa Rica, South Africa, Senegal, Kenya, and many others, for a global approach, a wide consultation process, a Conference of Parties and other essential institutional mechanisms.

Additionally: As reflected in UNGA resolution 69/292, this process was first undertaken because of  “the need for the comprehensive global regime to better address conservation and Sustainable use” in ABNJ.  We are here: to create an agreement that moves us beyond the status quo, from fragmented and ineffective ocean governance to an comprehensive & efficient model for the conservation of the high seas and deep seabed as a whole.

New instrument should confer authority to a Conference of Parties to designate MPAs and adopt associated conservation and management measures to meet the objectives of the protected area. Measures should be developed in consultation with, and build on the expertise of, competent regional and sectoral organizations. However, to avoid the creation of paper parks – areas that are only protected on paper without effective management – the ability of the COP to not only designate but implement is crucial.

Parties should also be required to use their best efforts to ensure the adoption of appropriate complementary measures by competent regional or global organizations to which they are members.

After the consultation process and based on the recommendation by a Scientific Committee, the proposal would be  submitted to the CoP for a decision, which should be taken by (qualified) majority voting, if consensus is not possible.

We will be submitting the more detailed submission on Papersmart. To read the full statement please click here.

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