Daily update August 2019

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On the closing day of negotiations towards a high seas treaty, the EU called for transparency in the ongoing process, specifically stating that civil society should remain involved regardless of... Read More

Yesterday we dealt with cross cutting issues which are applicable to the entire agreement such as dispute resolution, structure and function of the clearing-house mechanism, definitions and principles.The HSA intervened... Read More

The morning was taken up with a frustrating lack of ambition by some larger states around capacity building and tech transfer - CBTT. Developing states consistently stressed the importance of... Read More

The day was a rapid-fire discussion on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), starting with a discussion on what EIAs need to include.The High Seas Alliance (HSA) suggested a single paragraph to... Read More

4.4. IMPLEMENTATIONGreenpeace is delivering this statement on behalf of the High Seas Alliance.For 4.4, we support Option I, like the G77, the African Group, the EU, PSIDs, Latin American Like... Read More

ABMT interventionPew on behalf of the High Seas AllianceMeasures Such as Area Based Management Tools including Marine Protected AreasIntervention Day 5 IGC2 29 March 2019Agenda Item 64.2 Relationship to measures under... Read More

The main focus of discussion today was the process for the designation of ABMTs including MPAs, with the majority supporting actually having a process, which is a good start.There was... Read More

Agenda Item 64.3.2 Designation ProcessThank you Madam Facilitator –We will focus our intervention on the designation process for MPAs specifically.With only a fraction of oceans under protection in areas beyond... Read More

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