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Met on Friday 7th, Monday 10th and Thursday 13th of September. Discussions were structured around sections in  President’s aid, related to: objectives of ABMTs including MPAs, relationship to measures under... Read More

Met for one and a quarter days on Mon 10th and Tue 11th of September.Discussions were structured around sections in the President’s aid: obligation to conduct EIAs, relationship to EIA... Read More

Met for one and half days during Tue 11th, Wed 12th, Thurs 13th of September.Structured around sections in President's aid - scope, access and benefit sharing, monitoring and cross cutting... Read More

Acknowledge that we don’t share identical positions, but our main interest is in conservation and sustainable use the ocean. This is a common duty.Express support for switching gears and moving... Read More

Full trust in the President. Emphasizes that EU would like to begin text based negotiations, like to see a zero draft provided by the President and under her responsibility. Prior... Read More

Align with G77+China. Additionally: Moving towards the zero draft. The President is in an informed position to produce a text and guide us. Text could contain options to reflect divergent... Read More

Align with G77+China. Additionally: Express appreciation to President and Facilitators on the manner that 1st IGC has been driven. Also to DOALOS in the organizations of the Conference.We call for... Read More

Align with G77+China, AOSIS, PIF. Thanks the President, Facilitators and DOALOS. Reiterates the need to move forwards in the discussions. Encourages the President to prepare a zero draft before the... Read More

Congratulates President for her leadership. Very happy with the level of engagement, maturation of ideas and proposals that could be developed further.Now we need to start negotiations on text. Develop... Read More

Commends the President on the able leadership in the Conference, DOALOS for their work, also the interpreters. These two weeks have allowed us to progress in the elaboration of the... Read More

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