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UN delegates arrived at IGC3 prepared and ready to make progress and engage in text-based negotiations for the first time.The two weeks were allocated across an initial Plenary, Informal Working... Read More

By Greenpeace International –The Global Ocean Treaty under negotiation provides a unique opportunity to turn the tide for our ocean by enabling the creation of a global network of fully... Read More

Liz Karan, urges delegates to remember why the IGC High Seas treaty negotiations are so important and asks them to commit to making transformational change to protect marine biodiversity on... Read More

UNTV link to Statement from Javier Bardem, 19th August... Read More

The morning session was devoted to a Working Group on ABMTs, Articles 16-18.  Facilitators are focussing on articles that require significant attention or having the most outstanding issues. The session... Read More

IGC3 is the first time in this process that delegates have engaged in text-based negotiations, and negotiators are going through the draft text, article by article, seeking agreement and compromise. ... Read More

Sofia Tsenikli, Senior strategist for Greenpeace gives us an update on the opening statements delivered by Member States during the first day of negotiations. Countries welcomed draft text from the President.... Read More

Javier Bardem is on board. Are you? Greenpeace side event during IGC3. link to Statement from Javier Bardem, 19th August... Read More

Read our IGC3 closing statementhere!