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On 10 June, 2021, the High Seas Alliance, in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center, hosted a 2-hour seminar entitled The Forgotten Half of the Pla
HSA/Civil Society
Author: Britney Hay

Beyond what the eye can see from our crystalline shores lies a vast and unexplored underwater world that  sustains us all.
The France-Oceania Summit Declaration calls on countries to work to conclude, as soon as possible in 2022, a new and ambitious treaty to protect biodi
STRONG High Seas Project -- This report aims to assess the contribution to human well-being of current and potential socio-economic activities in mari

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HSA/Civil Society
How could the EIA provisions of the BBNJ Agreement apply to activities and existing bodies?
United Nations (UN) Member States are in the final stages of negotiating a new legally binding instrument under the UN Convention on the Law of the Se
Plos One – Deep-sea biodiversity at the extremes of the Salas y Gómez and Nazca ridges with implications for conservation
The peer-reviewed scientific journal Plos One has published an article describing the unique deep-sea biodiversity of the Salas y Gomez & Nazca ridges
Marine Policy – Potential spatial intersection between high-seas fisheries and deep-sea mining in international waters
Interest in the mining of polymetallic nodules, sulfide deposits, and ferromanganese crusts in the deep sea is growing. While the impacts of deep-sea
Daily News – It’s time to wake up, listen to the ocean
By Ghaamid Abdulbasat Hatibu (High Seas Youth Ambassador)

The importance of protecting biodiversity is not lost on Tanzanians. Our country is well kn
HSA/Civil Society
High Seas Youth Ambassador Blog – Costa Rica Thermal Dome Adventure and the need for a strong High Seas Treaty
Author: Milla Heckler

In the Eastern Tropical Pacific, off the coast of Central America, there is a phenomenon that is persistent enough from year to
Marine & Océans – Once abundant, the Indian Ocean fishing areas are now being threatened
By Geneviève Pons, Director General and Vice-President, Europe Jacques Delors think tank & Peggy Kalas, Director, High Seas Alliance
Promoting equity in the use of algorithms for high-seas conservation
One Earth - Spatial optimization algorithms show potential for prioritizing conservation areas on the high seas. Yet algorithmic approaches stand to
STRONG High Seas Project – Study on the Socio-Economic Importance of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction in the Southeast Atlantic Region
STRONG High Seas Project: This report – Study on the socio-economic importance of areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) in the Southeast Atlantic
High Seas Treaty Dialogues: 1 July Capacity Building and the Transfer of Marine Technology
The High Seas Treaty Dialogue on 1 July picked up on discussion outcomes from previous informal intersessional High Seas Treaty Dialogues on CBTMT. 
High Seas Treaty Dialogues: 30 June Marine Genetic Resources
The High Seas Treaty Dialogue on 30 June focused on Marine Genetic Resources, with a specific focus on pre and post cruise notification. 
High Seas Treaty Dialogues: 29 June, 2021 Environmental Impact Assessments + Strategic Environmental Assessments
The High Seas Treaty Dialogue on 29 June built on past dialogues and focused EIAs, including SEAs. 
HSA/Civil Society
The Pew Charitable Trusts – How Much Do You Know About Life in the High Seas?
Beginning 200 miles from coastal shores, beyond the jurisdiction of any country, the high seas are home to a vast array of species and unique