Protecting the Ocean We Need - Securing the Future We Want


London, UK - The High Seas Alliance welcomes the announcement on July 23rd by the European Union to promote a process for negotiations for an UNCLOS Implementing Agreement to be launched as soon as possible.

The High Seas Alliance, a coalition of 30 member organizations, agrees that the need to protect the high seas, which makes up 50% of the planet, is increasingly urgent and must be addressed without further delay.

This week at the United Nations in New York, countries from around the world will convene around the subject of protecting marine diversity on the high seas. As part of the work of the ‘The Ad Hoc open-ended informal working group to study issues relating to the conservation and sustainable use of marine Biodiversity Beyond areas of National Jurisdiction.’ – a long name shortened to BBNJ – intersessional workshops are being held to bring together experts and State representatives.

In 2012, scientists from around the world sent messages of concern to the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Summit in support of action to protect the high seas. Watch this High Seas Alliance compilation film of these messages which outline why the high seas need vital protection and what needs to change.



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